In today’s world, where almost everyone, young or old, is obsessed with technology, social media platforms can help be perfect platforms to showcase the beauty of the world. Still, travel has proven to be a more meaningful, inspiring, exciting, educating, and challenging experience. Travel gives one the most incredible stories and the most treasured memories of life. It teaches one about oneself and the world around them and forces them to know what they are meant to do in the world.

Different people travel for various reasons, including;

• To meet different cultures

Travel exposes one to different cultures and traditions around the world. One learns the aspect of humanity and appreciation because regardless of the differences in culture and point of view, what matters is that we are all human.

• To learn

Some individuals are forced to travel around the globe for studies while others believe that travel is the best way to learn history, geography, gastronomy, culture, languages, among many other things. With travel, one gets to learn things first hand, unlike the travel guides or textbooks. Moreover, one gets to learn facts about animals in their natural habitat, taste the local flavors, and learn about themselves and the others while on the journey.

• To relax

Our daily busy lives suffocate us that we forget the importance of getting a break. Travel helps us escape the daily demands of our lives, the daily dramas, and strict deadlines, enabling us to relax and clear our minds. It allows one to reconnect with the natural environment and the rest of the people out of work.

• To explore

The best thing about travel is that it takes us out of our comfort zone and inspires us to see beyond our immediate environment. It continuously challenges one to adapt and explore the new surrounding, engage with new people and embrace new adventures. It allows one to explore with a clear, relaxed open mind.