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              Contact us
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              Contact us

              Shanxi LinYi lacquerwareHandcraft co., LTD.
              Address: 218 LinYi County industrial park venture street in Shanxi Province
              Zip code: 044100
              Free telephone: 800-8069149
              Contact phone: 0359-4098699
              Fax: 0359-2331689
              Phone: 13903487378
              E-mail: 305378351 @qq.com
              Website: www.gallipoli-anzac-tours.com
              Service commitment
              ●Low pre-sale service
              Free field investigation made concrete data;
              Take the customer as the center, providing customers with a variety of perfecting the feasibility of the scheme for customer reference;
              The best way to achieve customer satisfaction.
              ●Low sale service
              Products in strict accordance with the standards for all-weather installation;
              Installation after the completion of customer acceptance and solicit opinions from the clients, please fill out the quality feedback form;
              Complete the guidance on the use of the products.
              ●Low after-sales service
              The warranty service: product a three years warranty, life-long maintenance, fast and quickly provide customers with the required accessories;
              Phone support: customer hotline 800-8069149, the first time in the process of dealing with customers in the use of the product;
              On-site service, the fastest speed to reach customers to use the scene, solve the problem of customers in the use of;
              Version upgrade: free for the customer to provide detailed consulting and software upgrade on projects;
              Escort service: build customer files, tracking services to customers, to customers for free annual inspection and regular maintenance.

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